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Dover Elearning has chosen to launch the program with the “Intermediate English” course. The course starts at a lower intermediate level and finishes at the upper intermediate level.

Intermediate English Factsheet

The course is designed for students who have finished a pre-intermediate English course and are about to, or are currently studying, at intermediate level. This is a ‘general English’ course which covers a wide variety of topics. There are 30 units of study, all covering a new subject and area of grammar. The units follow a traditional teaching method that challenges all of the student’s essential language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

At the core of each unit, all lessons contain video, audio and texts as the learning material. The content of the lessons is up-to-date, relevant to today’s world and most importantly depicts English as it is actually spoken by native speakers. All material is authentic and sourced from Youtube, British newspapers and audio recordings of native English speakers.

A unit has other learning sections, in addition to the lessons: reading, grammar, wordlist, test, speaking and writing.

All assignments that students record in the speaking and writing sections are marked by native English teachers and returned to students in the same manner as traditional homework assignments.

Skills Taught: practical usage, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and listening
Number of Units: 30
Time to Complete: 240 hours (8hrs per unit)
Sample of Content Topics: Food, Romance, Education, Books, Transport, Television, Animals, Environment, Phones and Newspapers

Dover Elearning plans to include many more courses in the future. The following is a list of some of the courses that are currently scheduled for development.

Core English Courses:
Beginner English

Focused English Skills:

Specialized English Courses:
American & British Slang
Technology English
Understanding Accents
Hospitality English
Business English
Travel English