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Company and Employee Enrolment
Dover Elearning is not just for individual students. The system has been designed for company use as well. With a company account, a company manager can set up employees in the system and then track their progress. A company manager can see each student’s progress side by side. They can see how long each student is spending in the system and they can see each student’s scores in each language skill. This ability means that companies can strategically use their employees based on their language strengths. If an employee is especially good at speaking English she might be best utilized as a salesperson or a customer service representative.

Dover Elearning is also completely customizable. Suppose your company wants to teach other internal policies or procedures in addition to English. Dover Elearning can present this content as well. Imagine one system that teaches employees all company policies as well as English!

There are many more benefits for companies using Dover Elearning. Employees who travel will never miss an onsite class again. Employees can learn English from home and not just during work hours.

For more information about company accounts or to schedule a demonstration of the system, contact:

Peter Dohar
Dover Nyelvi Centrum Kft.
Bécsi utca 3. IV. emelet 30.
Budapest 1052
+36 20 9684 777