School Information

Dover Language Center
Dover Elearning is brought to you by Dover Nyelvi Centrum, which was formed in 1992 by Dohár Péter, Hencsei Kálmán, and Verasztó Lajos. This successful language school has 3 campuses in Budapest and Dover's 250-plus teachers provide classes for individuals and approximately 90 local businesses in the area. Names like Bosch, Nokia, SAP, MALÉV, and TV2 turn to Dover for their English instruction.

Dohár Péter and Verasztó Lajos are also the co-authors of the popular English instruction book, "Kis Angol Nyelvtan". The book is renowned for its ease of use and its fun and humorous approach to the somewhat tedious subject of English grammar. Since its original publication in 1991 it has sold more than 500,000 copies throughout Hungary.

With more than 70 years of English instruction between them, a successful language school, and a best selling book, the trio has now decided to take their recipe for success to the internet in the form of Dover Elearning. The group hopes to make learning English more convenient than ever for Hungarians everywhere.