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Placement Philosophy
Language is a multi-faceted entity. It’s comprised of many parts like speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing, and listening. Just because a student speaks at an intermediate level, doesn’t mean that his grammar is comparable.

At Dover Elearning, we are taking a fresh approach to student placement. The school is divided into 3 general levels of proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Instead of providing a test to guess which one of these levels might be best for a student, we allow students to gauge the system for themselves. In our demo area, we allow students to select a course level and try the system. A selection of actual course material is available for students to sample. Every type of content is represented: lessons, grammar, speaking, writing, reading, and vocabulary. All demo content will be from the lower end of the selected level. So, for example, if a student chooses to try out the “Intermediate English” course, then the sample material will be at a “lower intermediate” level. Each course increases in difficulty as it progresses.

In summary, if a course’s sample material is close to your own level, then you have found the course in which you should enroll. So, have fun experimenting with Dover Elearning and finding the right course for you!