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Sample Session
The following is a sample session that shows how a student might actually log in and use Dover Elearning.

Sample Session
• Anita logs on to Dover Elearning at 6:42am
• She checks the progress meter and sees that she is on unit 4
• She can’t remember exactly where she left off so she goes to the Course Navigator and looks at what work still needs to be done in unit 4
• Anita decides to start a lesson about “Cooking”
• Before she starts her lesson, she wants to check her new messages
• Anita replies to a classmate, Peter, who wants to chat with her today
• Anita also notices that she has received a Performance Review from a teacher
• She reads in the performance review which says that her pronunciation in Unit 3 was much better and that overall she is doing well
• Anita opens her virtual notebook so that she can make notes during the lesson
• She now starts her lesson about “Cooking”
• After watching the video about cooking, Anita completes 4 related tasks
• She is not happy with her score on the tasks, so she decides to re-watch the video and try them one more time
• Anita writes down the word “Range” in her virtual notebook because it seems confusing to her
• Satisfied with her score this time, Anita finishes the “Cooking” lesson and sees a message telling her that she should do a Speaking exercise before starting the next Lesson
• Anita plugs in her headset and proceeds to the Speaking area
• Anita’s phone rings and she clicks the Pause Button to stop the billing inside of Dover Elearning while she talks on the phone
• After the phone call, Anita logs back on to the system, and proceeds with the speaking exercise
• After using her headset to record her answers, Anita decides to look up a word that has been bothering her
• Anita uses the dictionary in the system to find a definition for the word “Range” which was used in the “Cooking” lesson
• She learns that “Range” has many meanings including a stovetop and she updates her virtual notebook
• As she is making notes, she notices that Peter has logged onto the system
• Anita clicks on Peter’s username and then chooses to “Chat” with him
• After talking for a few minutes, Peter challenges Anita to WordGame
• Anita accepts and they exit the chat and open the game
• After a long battle, the final puzzle appears. Anita knows the answer. It is “Range”!
• Anita wins the game and tells Peter that she must go to work
• Before she leaves, Anita submits a Joke of the Day and earns 5 Dover Credits
• At 7:33am, Anita logs off the system and heads to the office with thoughts of cooking in her head