School Information

Student Community
One of the most important aspects of Dover Elearning is the school’s community. As the school’s designers researched real universities, it became clear that one of the great things about enrolling in a university is the fact that you are not alone, but rather a part of something bigger. A university is its own community filled with teachers, students, and other staff members all working together to create a great place to learn. It is this special feeling of community that Dover Elearning strives to achieve. Students are encouraged to chat and make friends, to help each other learn, to challenge each others to English language games, to form study groups, and even to make the school better by contributing valuable content and ideas.

Here is a list of features that help shape the school’s community:

• updatable online profiles
• online chat
• online messageboards
• online messaging system
• study groups
• “On Campus” box for realtime viewing of other online students
• browse and search student profiles
• head to head English games
• student wikicontent area
• a feedback area to read what the teachers think
• suggestion box and surveys
• student ranking system and statistics page
• access to real teachers

For more information about these features, please take the tour of Dover Elearning.