School Information

System Requirements
Here is a list of system requirements needed for Dover Elearning. Although using the system without meeting all of these requirements is possible, certain parts may not work as designed and the user experience will be lessened.

Hardware and Network
• Desktop or Laptop with at least 512MB Ram and a 1GHz processor (recommended)
• A highspeed internet connection like ADSL or Cable
• A headset with microphone OR speakers and a microphone
• Monitor/Video Card combination capable of at least a 1024x768 display resolution

• Windows-based Operating System
• Internet Explorer version 7 or higher with Javascript enabled OR
• Firefox version 3 or higher with Javascript enabled (best choice) OR
• Opera 9 or higher with Javascript enabled
• Flash version 10 or higher

For more information about the compatibility of your system and Dover Elearning, please try our Compatibility Test for which there is a button at the top of this page.