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The Benefits of Elearning
Through its utilization of the unique medium of the internet and computers, elearning is able to offer valuable benefits and advantages to students and institutions that traditional classrooms and training sessions can not.

Enhances Teaching Style Suitability

Educators generally agree that there are three main learning styles - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. A single elearning course can provide content that satisfies and stimulates all of these distinct styles. A traditional teacher is forced to divide the class equally among these styles in order to satisfy the group as a whole, but elearning allows the student to choose which method is most effective for her or himself. This ability for a course to be customized is a huge advantage over the traditional classroom.

Ensures Consistency of Course Material Presentation

For both the institution and the student, consistent delivery of course materials can also be an issue. Teachers have differing teaching styles and approach material from different perspectives. This discord can create problems for students who have to switch teachers from one class to the next. It also becomes harder for the institution to gauge whether every teacher is presenting the material in a desirable and effective manner. Elearning assures both student and institution that all lessons will be taught consistently and in the way that best represents the school.

Caters for Differing Learning Speeds

Another benefit of elearning is the facility for students to control the pace of the course. Fast learners are able to move quickly through material and slow learners can take their time without feeling as though they are being rushed by others. Similarly, students can skip blocks of information that are already familiar to them and even review/retake lessons that are particularly difficult or which they might need some refreshing on. These capabilities ensure that the class is always interesting and neither too difficult nor redundant no matter what pace the student learns at.

Lower Fees than Traditional Courses

Pricing is another advantage of elearning. Although elearning has a rather large upfront cost, once the program is developed and put in place, it can run much more efficiently and for less money than a traditional school or training facility can. This lower operating cost means that students also enjoy savings on their course fees.

Offers Greater Flexibility for the Student

Finally, one of the largest advantages is the flexibility of study time and location for the student. Elearning offers truly on-demand availability, which means that students can study when they want and from any location that has an internet connection. This control is extremely valuable to individuals who either travel often, have hectic work and family schedules, or simply prefer the comfort and privacy of their own homes. For businesses, elearning means that traveling employees will no longer have to miss onsite training or classes.