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The Future of Dover English Elearning
Dover Elearning is an online school with big plans. The first objective is to further develop the English program and the system. In terms of the English program, this development means building and adding additional core courses and specialized courses. With the system development, the goal is to enhances the functionality of the current features and to implement new ones. Students can look forward to more great English games and things like video chat and live collaborative workspaces.

Dover Elearning will also be evolving geographically. With Hungary as the initial market, Dover Elearning plans to penetrate neighboring markets and markets where quality English lessons are difficult to obtain.

Finally, Dover Elearning has been built to teach other languages besides English. Dover has plans to use the system for other languages as well. One day it might just be possible to use Dover Elearning to teach Swahili to a native Icelandic speaker! Whatever the future may hold, Dover Elearning will be there to see that high quality and affordable language instruction is made available to the world.