School Information

Tuition and Fees
Dover Elearning does not sell courses. Dover Elearning sells credits called “Dover Credits” which are used to take courses. The following fact list should help to clarify the tuition:

• A Dover Credit is approximately equal to 22Ft.
• The minimum initial purchase is 1000 Dover Credits or 22000Ft.
• 1000 Dover Credits is enough for most students to finish 5 units of a course.
• After registration, new students receive 1000 Dover Credits.
• Additional Dover Credits may be purchased within the system in blocks of 200.
• Additional Dover Credits are sold at a discounted rate: 200 credits for 4000Ft.
• A core course like “Intermediate English” has 30 units.
• Each unit is about 8 hours of work
• A core course has about 240 hours of work and will cost approximately 120000Ft for the average student to complete
• After registration, additional credits can be purchased within the system
• Students can earn Dover Credits for participation in and contribution to Dover Elearning
• Students have access to an online accounting system which shows all school sessions, the amount of credits used, and the amount of credit earned
• Áfa or VAT (value added tax) IS already included in the pricing
• A student’s bank may collect fees not associated with Dover Elearning for online transactions and bank transfers. Check your bank’s policies for more information.